Old Hutton Wind Farm with some of the turbines removed
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Image Editing, Image Modification and Post-Production

A very dark image of a trial car on a shadowy hillside.
It is not uncommon, even in the digital age, for a high-contrast lighting situation to fool a camera meter. This results in a photograph like the one above, that has been exposed for the highlights, leaving the shadows dark and impenetrable.

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Photoshop is an excellent resource, and in the right hands can be used to rescue your images from literal obscurity.
As you can see from the modified example illustrated below, much more detail of the occupants of the car is present than is initially visible in the original unprocessed image. It is not always possible to create a good image from such an original, but it is often a revelation as to just how much of an image may be salvaged. So if you have problem images and want to see what they might be made to look like, contact me with details.

A Photoshop-processed version of the above image. There are several ways in which the same result can be arrived at, but the image has been brightened in the originally dark areas, to reveal the driver and passenger. This has been achieved without sacrificing the drama of the lighting, or of the backlit dust being kicked-up by the wheels.

The same trial car image as previously, but selectively brightened.
Treasured old photos of fondly-remembered parents or grandparents are often the worse for wear, sometimes having spent decades in less-than-ideal storage conditions. Photo Restoration offers an opportunity for such old images to be given a new lease of life.

Before and after example of a restored old photo of a soldier.
The pictures above shows the before and after images of an old photograph of a soldier in uniform. The original image shows some clear marks of damage, as well as dust marks and signs of the image deteriorating simply because of its age. The after image shows the blemishes and other flaws removed, but also shows the limitations of retaining smooth tonal gradation in the darker areas of the image.
If you have old images that you would like restoring, get in touch so that I can see the image and give my opinion on just how good a restoration is possible. The cost of such work is very variable, dependent as it is on just how complex the image is, and how bad the original damage. Free, no-obligation quotes are always available before taking on the work.
The banner photo shows Old Hutton Wind Farm with several of the Turbines removed. An example of the kind of image that might call for detailed modification to remove (or even to add) elements.
The following examples, while more lighthearted and 'jokey' than the Wind Farm instance, still show some of the possibilities of Image Manipulation. Whether for Advertising, Marketing or Promotion, or even just for a humorous Greeting Card, talk to me about your ideas.

A distant shot of Stickle Tarn, Langdale, with an image of the Loch Ness Monster superimposed.
The Loch Ness Monster, spotted by chance, enjoying a holiday in Stickle Tarn, Langdale.

A composite image of King Kong and Kendal Parish Church.
King Kong losing patience with the Parish Church Tower.

A composite image, showing the Loch Ness Monster and King Kong in the Isle of Skye.
King Kong and the Loch Ness Monster, coincidentally taking a break in the Western Highlands.

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A lamb with a banana for a tail pictured above Kendal.
A live Lamb Banana spotted above Sandylands. The inspiration for the image was the Superlambananas to be found scattered around Liverpool, the remnants of an Arts project from the late 1990s.