Mustard Cutters performing on stage
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Glenn Bennett Photography

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Imagineering for the 21st. Century

Event and Activity Photography

If you have a new business that you are trying to get to fly, Glenn Bennett Photography can provide the full package: photography, image editing, and an initial website so you can see what it will all look like on the Web.

Glenn Bennett Photography is your One Stop Shop for (almost) everything Photographic.

If you need publicity, promotional or record photographs of an outdoor event that you are organising, such as the Kites on the Castle festival, Glenn Bennett Photography will deliver the goods. You decide on the photos that you want, Glenn takes them. For a very reasonable fee, you get a disc with a good selection of images, edited in Photoshop, and with your own personal publication rights included.

The weather in the UK is notorious in its unpredictability. Therefore, for some outdoor events and activities, the types of photographs wished for may not be physically possible. While Glenn will make every effort to deliver the images that you want, he cannot guarantee that will always be possible.

To see more details of prices, web design services, or for more information about the courses, classes and Photography Days Out, click on the appropriate links in the navigation bar.

If you want to set up a small woodworking business, and you need photos in order to illustrate it:
Chips fly as a chainsaw cuts through a felled tree.
or if you are building a house, or a conservatory, and you want a photographic record of progress:
A delivery of concrete to a newbuild in Scotland.
Glenn Bennett Photography can be relied upon to do the job for you.
The photo at the top shows the Mustard Cutters on stage at Alexander's Beer Festival 2014.
If you are an event organiser, or if your band of entertainers is appearing live, and you would like a photographer to record the occasion, let Glenn know - phone him, e-mail, or use the Contact page.

Dance/fitness instructor Katie Marston.
Dance/Fitness classes, Yoga, swimming, climbing - all activities which cry out to be photographed.

Stunt bike rider at Total Retro Show.
The image of the stunt bike is from The Total Retro Show 2014. Just the kind of Event that requires a high quality record for your archive.

A sporting trial event on Hartside.
Live music, a sporting event, action shots for your website - whatever your photographic need, I can help.