Beer barrels stacked in a beer festival
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Product Photography

Two people trying to launch a blue Octopus kite.
Launching the Octopus Kite at "Kites On The Castle".

Have you got something to sell? Would your business benefit from promoting a new range of products? If you are the proprietor of a pub or a restaurant, have you got a new range of drinks to advertise, or a new menu to bring to the attention of the world?

A selection of hand pumps on a pub bar.
What's On The Pumps At The Moment?

A group of people enjoying a pub meal.
Lunchtime food at the Castle Inn, Kendal.

No matter what the kind of product, goods or services you deal in, if you want an inclusive and comprehensive Photographic Service, look no further than Glenn Bennett Photography.

A Cleaved Wood Gate.
If you are making and selling wooden gates ....

A group of people enjoying a pub meal.
... or making or renovating wooden benches for the garden ....

... if you are looking for photographs for your business, get in touch with Glenn Bennett Photography.